CZ Homes’ Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Lake View, Chicago

CZ Homes’ Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Lake View, Chicago

Selling your beloved home is a new chapter in life — one that may arise for any number of reasons. Maybe you achieved a great new job in a new city, or perhaps you’re hoping for a bigger place to start raising a family. On the flip side, maybe it’s time to downsize as you head into retirement. Whatever your reason for turning this new page and listing your Lake View home for sale, this is an important moment!

If you’re hoping to sell your home, you can move forward with confidence when you have a professional agent on your side. Layne Zagorin and Cheryl Cohn of CZ Homes are your trusted agents who are ready to help you sell your home and look ahead to your future. Read on for their expert guidance and an overview of what you can expect.

Focus on Your Goals and Timeline

Selling a home can feel overwhelming at times, as there are many moving parts involved. It’s normal for the process to feel emotional or stressful. Staying focused on your goals at every point is a great way to keep your eye on the prize.

Creating a timeline can help you work step-by-step — Layne and Cheryl will be by your side every step of the way, ensuring that you feel supported and up-to-date along your journey. They will be ready with a top-tier marketing plan, a solid pricing strategy, and winning negotiation skills so that you won’t have to stress. Regardless of your reason for selling, Layne and Cheryl will be a sounding board and a shoulder to lean on.

Set the Right Price from the Start

If you’re like most sellers, achieving a higher price point at the closing table is probably one of your goals. It’s essential to price your home accurately and competitively so that buyers feel invited to take a closer look at the property. To ensure you set the right price from the get-go, Layne and Cheryl will advise you on current market trends and devise a savvy pricing strategy that generates plenty of interest from buyers.

Layne and Cheryl are highly in tune with the local housing scene and have an in-depth understanding of the current market conditions. They will run a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine a fair market price. By comparing your home to similar properties that have sold recently and are currently on the market, you’ll arrive at a competitive price that is sure to attract offers.

Prepare Your Home for Success

Before listing your gorgeous home on the Lake View, IL, real estate market, it’s time to show off all its best features! To accomplish this, it’s important to rid each room of any clutter, make any necessary repairs, give the home a thorough deep cleaning inside and out, and arrange the furniture and décor to highlight the floor plan and striking architectural features. A fresh coat of paint in a warm neutral shade is also a great selling point. Creating a spotless and bright interior will truly shine in photos, allowing a professional photographer to capture compelling images of every room.

Remember your curb appeal, too. Clearing off the driveway and walking paths, adding gorgeous outdoor lighting, and pristinely landscaping the hedges will go a long way toward setting a positive first impression for your buyers as they approach your home. With a stunning exterior and equally inviting interior, you can set a tone of beauty and warmth right from the start!

Have A Solid Marketing Plan

To achieve the most interest in your property, Layne and Cheryl will be expertly prepared with an exceptional marketing strategy that aims for success. They will set up an online listing that buyers are sure to notice, with intriguing professional photos and a unique, detailed property description. Additionally, they will pass along word of your listing to other agents with whom they have developed working relationships over the years. By leveraging tried-and-true marketing tactics, Layne and Cheryl will connect you to the right buyer for the right price.

Organizing Open Houses and Private Tours

As part of their marketing plan, Layne and Cheryl will schedule private tours for potential buyers to get an up-close-and-personal look at all the fantastic features your home has to offer. They will also coordinate and host open houses, serving as a reliable resource for buyers who would like to walk through the space. They will be there to answer buyers’ questions and professionally represent you and your beautiful home.

Consider and Accept an Offer

Once you begin receiving offers from buyers, you may find that you have multiple options on the table. While that’s always great news, you’ll next need to sit down with your agent and consider the pros and cons of each offer to determine which one best fits your goals. Layne and Cheryl will advise you on responding to each offer, whether you choose to counter, reject, or accept. They will ensure that you understand the offer in its entirety and any included contingencies or other terms. At every point, they will represent your best interests and communicate effectively with the other party and with you.

The Closing Steps

Once you accept an offer, Layne and Cheryl will take the lead on the final steps and keep the ball rolling in the right direction. Every step of the way, they will be in your corner, ensuring that everything is on track and in order, from inspections to appraisals and signing all documents. When the deal is finalized, the property will legally change hands, and you will receive a check with the profits. Congratulations!

If you are ready to begin your real estate journey, reach out to trusted brokers Layne Zagorin and Cheryl Cohn of CZ Homes. With expert guidance and unmatched dedication at every point, this outstanding team is ready to help you enjoy a streamlined, stress-free selling journey in Lake View. Reach out today to get started!

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